Here are some poems written by Carlos:



I   project my suffering now that it may alleviate my tomorrow’s pain
I know not what I say only to confide in myself when my hearts speaks.

I have known nothing of the push that makes my blood flow.
Anticipation advanced its more than a dance.

Distances enlarged, forks on the road left behind, when do I decide
To poison my mind, and to alleviate my today’s pain in exchange.  — Carlos Caban

Just Sayin’

I don’t say I love you because I do
I say I love you because my heart leaps out of my chest and screams it out
I don’t Say I love you because it’s true I say I love because my mind insists.
I don’t say you’re special because it’s true I say it cause
Being apart from you makes me blue.
I don’t say I miss you because saying it makes it true.
I say it because its real and for all the reasons I love you. — Carlos Caban


My feet give in to wear.
My ticked may need repair.
Long have I travelled
Little have I seen
Many miles of tears
Fulfill all my dreams
I dream on! Until
My feet no longer wear
And my Heart no more despairs. — Carlos Caban


Can you remember this,
To me a heavenly bliss
We lay almost face to face
My heart began to race
All that went through my mind
was boy if I had the time
I reach and gave you a kiss
hmm you have such fine lips
Soft lucious and pure;
I reach for another cure,
Then you pushed me away;
to me definitely ok
still I dream of coming face to face
with those sugar lips taste,
if this not be true
man never writ or never loved
when they touch lips of doves. –Carlos Caban

Today I am

Today I am , Yesterday was a figment of thoughts , ideas, emotions and influences.Now I learn to be compassionate with the universe. –Carlos Caban

Are we not like trees

Are we not like trees

Do we not stand like
altho know to wither

Stretch like hugs
Fall like shrubs

Do we not burst into
Deconstructed on purpose

Know to blossom like
Roses until
Autumn embrace

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